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Rehabilitation practice

This is, how collaborative practice could feel like…

... for the professional trainer (6 min video)

… the learning professional and institution (4 min)

... the participating user of interprofessional services (5 min)


Explore inspiring didactics that we learned about, applied or developed
Some show the general idea, some detailed examples.
Your treasures may lie in existing routines.

Patient perspective on rehabilitation

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Patients in rehabilitation are filmed to share their perspective of rehabilitation and interprofessional collaboration. The goal is for students or professionals to get to know the patient’s perspective on the rehabilitation process.

Self-esteem meeting


A participatory team meeting is conducted with a client, family and health care professionals. The client is present, so that instead of talking about what you identify as a profession, she/he is asked “how do you feel, what feels good?” to imply “Who am I? an important person!”.

Family group conference

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"The FGC"(1989) should empower people to solve big problems with safe and legal plans. It's goal is to minimize concerns of professionals and help them to cooperate.

ICF and goal setting workshops

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A workshop is conducted on the theory of safe interaction, motivational interview techniques, goal setting and ICF. The aim is to find out what benefits ICF and goal setting workshops bring to rehabilitation professionals in their work.

Specialist hour

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The purpose of the “specialist hour” is for rehabilitation professionals to get to know each other. Each “specialist hour” includes a presentation by three professionals, in which they talk about their work in general and at their institute and present a client case where they have implemented the use of ICF framework.

Collegial Mentoring

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An individual learning portfolio is developed for each new colleague that joins the institution. The portfolio includes goals for personal and professional development in order to work in the interprofessional team either by an e-learning intervention or by supervision or shadowing.

Employee Development

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This intervention provides time and space for development and interpersonal skills. Professionals present skills/frameworks/research to the team. Together they discuss and reflect on the topic.

Annual employee conversations

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Employee meets the senior annually in a personal talk. Any idea to improve interprofessionalism will be discussed.

Student-Run Learning Ward

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The purpose of the learning department is to learn and work in a slightly different way: interprofessional. It means that the student will shift the focus in learning and working to the contribution of other disciplines to the care process and to develop an interprofessional mindset.

Role of the coach

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This session is about brainstorming with employees, concerning on how to coach different types of employees or students with patients. General questions guided towards: How could the professionals grow as a coach and what is needed in this process?

Voucher journey

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A Voucher or Token-Card of any kind can be implemented for professions or students in a working / learning field. Tokens are “earned” for example by visiting / exchanging with other professions / clients, learning from and about their expertise.

Interprofessional internship

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This model of internship is based around a three-part process which takes place before, during and after the internship. Th goal is to train client-centered and interprofessional rehabilitation work.

Escape the room

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A digital escape room asks learners to solve four quizzes in a row. These are about basics, assess, reason and counsel a client concerning a health condition.

Design thinking workshops

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In consecutive workshops, participants worked out competencies that students, teachers, and practitioners need to have, and how this is or could be reflected in the training of health professionals.

Field Visits

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The field visits are about reflection and knowledge exchange of professionals, lecturers and managers on person-centered, interprofessional rehabilitation in various places/countries. All stakeholders present their working environment, methods and expertise around person-centered care, the use of ICF and interprofessional learning, e.g. student-run ward.

Open exchange forum

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Partners (e.g. INPRO) meet and exchange with the aim to align interprofessional concepts/ideas.


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