Inspiring implementations CF

Within these documents, you'll discover descriptions of how these projects applied the INPRO Competenty Framework to meet their specific objectives.

These projects took place in diverse settings, encompassing interactions with students, professionals, interviews, and/or managerial contexts.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland

JAMK used the INPRO CF in three different pilots; the use of INPRO CF during interprofessional internship, during interprofessional case days, and in the ICF course. Link

Coronaria Finland

Coronaria used the INPRO CF for two internal objectives; during the development of the interprofessional working models that serve the entire rehabilitation staff of Coronaria, and the development of the ICF-based tools to promote ICF implementation and practice and to increase staff competencies in the use of ICF in rehabilitation (training). Link

St. Poelten, University of Applied Sciences, Austria

To prepare future health professionals for interprofessional collaboration, interprofessional education is needed. In the UAS St.Poelten interprofessional education in health professions was implemented firstly in 2019 as a project with 24 students from 4 professions and has continuously increased since that. Within the INPRO project international, interprofessional education in an online setting and with the use of ICF was implemented in two interventions in order to provide students and educators with the opportunity to (additionally) exchange on international differences and similarities. Link

Moorheilbad Harbach, Austria

Moha used the INPRO CF during the employee conversations. Link

Moorheilbad Harbach and St. Poelten, University of Applied Sciences, Austria

St. Poelten and Moorheibad Harbach used the INPRO CF in one project:The use of INPRO CF during interprofessional internship. Link

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Hanze University of Applied Sciences used the INPRO CF in getting a clear picture of what is already present in terms of interprofessional learning in the department and identifying the gaps that still exist. Link

Rehabilitation Centre “Revalidatie Friesland”, the Netherlands

Revalidatie Friesland used the INPRO CF in two project; Evaluating the growing of interprofessional collaboration in the team ánd involvement of the students in the interprofessional collaboration.

Link to document  and Link to interview

Hospital, Belgium

A geriatric department of a hospital in Antwerp used the INPRO CF to get to know each others professions.

Link to document  and Link to results of the workshop

AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

AP UAS used the INPRO CF as a reflection tool for nutrition and dietetic students during and after practice placement. Link



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