The INPRO Competency Framework is a relevant interprofessional competency framework developed to bridge the gap between education and practice, making it an integral part of continuous lifelong learning. All the CF-materials are available in four languages: English, Dutch, German and Finnish. To gain an initial understanding of the INPRO Competency Framework, you can watch the general movie below. If you prefer a different format, the competency book and the competencies along with their learning outcomes/behaviors can be found under "INPRO Competency Framework CF." For those interested in utilizing the competency framework, a user's guide and various tools are provided under "Guidebooks & Tools CF." To get inspired, you can explore the project files on different implementations we have undertaken under "Inspiring implementations CF." The development process of the INPRO CF is detailed in a submitted article, and the link will be available on the subpage titled "Scientific background CF."








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