Blog 15 from TEAM NL

The finish line in sight!
After two years of designing, experimenting, evaluating and adapting we are now working on finalising all our sub-projects of the project. That excites us!

What are our activities at this moment?
• Integrating our knowledge of ICF, coaching and IP competencies in the
Student-Run Interprofessional Learning Ward (SR-IPLW) Guideline,
• Making movies of experiences of INPRO participants for the INPRO website,
• Writing abstracts for congresses and other meetings to present our results,
• Discuss final details for the IP competency framework,
• Writing the business case for the SR-IPLW,
• Analysing the interviews of the patient journeys,
• Writing an article about interprofessional identity of students after internship at the SR-IPLW,
• Analysing data of the focus group meetings of health care professionals working at the SR-IPLW.