Upcoming events

An event in German language, digital open to "outsiders" from INPRO, held by our new Associate partner "Gesundheitsberufe interprofessionell".

Description and "Name": Repeated format "Digitaler Salon", which is taking place four times per year on interprofessional topics. Presented topic of that day: "Austausch interprofessioneller Lernerfahrungenvon Gesundheits und Sozialberufen zur Verbesserung der Patient*innenversorgung in Europa"

Date: 30th of September 2021 from 17:30 to 18:30 CET

Location: Online via https://hs-gesundheit.zoom.us/j/94617122435

Website of the organizing network: Gesundheit Interprofessionell (wordpress.com)

No registration needed

Future dates of this format above will be the 25th of November 2021 and the 31st of March 2022.

INPRO Pre-Pilot Learning Intervention

As a result of the Design Thinking Workshops - a pre-pilot learning intervention will take place at UAS St.Pölten in cooperation with the INPRO Partner institutions. Based on the results of the workshops and the pre-pilot intervention a process guide will be prepared.

1.-3.12.21 Promise: Interprofessional Learning Intervention UAS St.Pölten (UAS St.Pölten; German)

1.-3.12.21 INPRO InternationaL: International, Interprofessional Learning Intervention UAS St.Pölten (Organised by UAS St.Pölten in cooperation with JAMK, AP and Hanze: Online, English))

3.-4.12.21 INPRO Practice: Interprofessional Learning Intervention including workfield institution and clients UAS St.Pölten in Collaboration with Moorheilbad Harbach and NMS Dosendorf (UAS St.Pölten; German)

The aim of these design thinking workshops is to use the expertise of all relevant stakeholders in the field of interprofessional education in health professions to design a pilot  learning intervention that is interprofessional, intenational, includes the workfield and working envorinments aswell as real clients.

 The website of the organizers, where more information can be found or to register participation. All the events are only open for invited stakeholders and cooperation partners. The design thinking process and the results as well as the final process guide will be published.